PREMAS Biotech - CRO in India - Contract research services and biomanufacturing services

PREMAS Biotech is a cGMP compliant Contract Research And Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) organization located in IMT-Manesar, Gurgaon near New Delhi, India. It is formed on the strong foundation of scientific expertise and technology development that is dedicated to developing and providing integrated research solutions in the area of life science research.

Our main focus is on bio-molecules, proteins, receptors, cell based assays, customized reporter gene assays, microarray technology, SNP genotyping, etc.

We have significant experience in handling "difficult -to-express" proteins and high-value-low-yield biomolecules. The company has a cGMP compliant facility with a capacity for proteins, receptors and enzyme manufacturing of up to 1400 litres from E.coli and yeast cells, along with continuous high speed and ultra centrifuges, high pressure homogenizers, purification and downstream equipments for large scale work.

We are one of the pioneering organizations in India/South Asia to implement E-Lab Notebook and Scientific Database Management Systems (SDMS) that aids our customers to view/review their experimental data via security controlled web-access, coupled with 21CFR Part 11 compliance which is of fundamental importance for data submission.

Our goal is to be your preferred partner for outsourcing your life science needs. We work hard to earn your business by upholding extremely high quality standards of research and maintaining aggressive timelines, strict confidentiality, and timely updates to deliver the true value for the investment.

* PREMAS is an acronym for "Production of REcombinant Molecules for Advancement of Science".

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