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Dr. Prabuddha Kundu

Co-founder & Managing Director

Dr. Prabuddha Kundu

Prabuddha Kundu is a cofounder and Managing Director at Premas Biotech. He has 20 years of experience in various roles and capacities. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and has interests in protein engineering, bioprocess development, lean transformation, and new technologies. He has more than 22 publications and 10 patents.

Dr. Nupur Mehrotra

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Nupur Mehrotra

Nupur is a co-founder & the Chief Operating Officer at Premas and responsible for global operations leading key client projects. She has 23 years experience as a clinician, a researcher and an operations head. Her main research interest is infectious diseases. She is a co-inventor on 6 patent applications.

Avijit Das

Founder Chairman

Avijit Das

Avijit is an entrepreneur with several business start ups and turnarounds to his credit . He has been a leader in “management of change” thinking and application . He has three decades of leadership, management & business experience across Africa, Middle East and Asia . He is extremely passionate about creating work cultures that excel in innovation, ownership and performance.

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  • Premas announces the launch of its latest technology AXTEX 4
  • Premas delivers protein components for late stage clinical trial for Oral Insulin
  • Premas launches its Naive Antibody Library
  • Premas delivers protein components for Ph I Clinical trial for anti-obesity oral drug
  • Premas presents poster on delivery of oral insulin at 78th scientific session of ADA
  • May 04 - 08 2020
    Premas at PEGS Boston
  • Mar 09 - 12 2020
    Premas at BPI West, Santa Clara
  • Jan 20 - 24 2020
    Premas at CHI PEP TALK, San Diego
  • Nov 11 - 13 2019
    Premas at BIO-EUROPE, Hamburg
  • Sep 09 - 12 2019
    Premas at BPI, Boston
  • Jun 03 - 06 2019
    Premas at Bio International Convention Philadelphia
Corona Virus

D-Crypt for Covid 19

Premas specializes in developing recombinant proteins for vaccine development. Such proteins are often “difficult to express proteins” (DTE-Ps). Our innovative D-Crypt platform is optimized for highyield production of DTE-Ps, singularly, or in combination.

Through a partnership with Akers Biosciences, Premas is leveraging DCrypt to develop a multicomponent recombinant protein vaccine against COVID-19.

Contact Us to learn more about our COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate or about our vaccine development services.

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