3-D cell culture to enable rapid, combinatorial screens for targeted onco / immuno-oncology drug therapeutic candidates

Four dimensional cell culture has multiple benefits over 2-D cell culture which has been recognized over the past decade. The limitations are the ability to produce rapid, reproducible scaffolds which can be rapidly deployed to screen multiple drugs, either alone or in combination of drugs. Most 3-D models have been complicated, highly varied in their response to adaption to assay formats and readouts. This causes significant difficulties to be able to be adapted to drug discovery and functional assays, especially for 96 well formats. Most 3-D models are 6 well models.

Corona Virus

D-Crypt for Covid 19

Premas specializes in developing recombinant proteins for vaccine development. Such proteins are often “difficult to express proteins” (DTE-Ps). Our innovative D-Crypt platform is optimized for highyield production of DTE-Ps, singularly, or in combination.

Through a partnership with Akers Biosciences, Premas is leveraging DCrypt to develop a multicomponent recombinant protein vaccine against COVID-19.

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