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Cell line Development

Cell line Development

Premas has deep experience and established labs and workflow on bacterial, yeast and mammalian expression platforms. Our cell lines for development and clinical stage programs are high yield, well-characterised and compliant with the international regulatory guidelines (ICH).

Bacterial Strain Development at Premas

Premas utilizes our deep experience in strain development capabilities to generate high expression strains and vector combinations which will then be transferred as manufacturing cell lines. Various classes of proteins and candidate molecules have been taken forward for clinical studies using our bacterial strain development capabilities.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strain Development at Premas

S cerevisiae cell line is a PEP4/Prb1 protease deficient strain and has been consistently successful in expression of membrane proteins for study of target proteins. S cerevisiae has also worked best with our proprietary expression vectors which are both Integrative series and Episomal series. Different classes of membrane proteins that range from 2-24 transmembrane domains have been successfully expressed.

Pichia Cell Line Development at Premas

Premas has a well established cell line development program to generate high expression cell lines using Pichia pastoris strains and develop them into manufacturing cell lines. Various classes of proteins and candidate molecules have been taken forward for IND submission globally and clinical studies using our Pichia cell line development capabilities.

Premas CHO-DG44 Cell Line Development at Premas

A proprietary, high-performance mammalian cell line derived from the parent CHO-DG44 cells from Prof. Chasin’s Lab at Columbia University, NY, US. It has been used for the production of reagent proteins, therapeutic recombinant proteins, including monoclonal antibodies. The cell line works best with our proprietary mammalian expression vectors, which are designed for high-level stable expression in mammalian hosts. The growth and production properties of our CHO-DG44 cell line are well defined, and the feed strategy has been optimised, allowing for faster and more efficient scale-up to bioreactors. Gram level expression of antibodies per litre level have been observed using this cell line and our therapeutic candidates have shown encouraging results, having reached preclinical stage.

The cell line has been adapted and made compliant to cGMP guidelines.