The advancement in immunology and in Human phage display libraries, in particular, have enabled discovery of many new diagnostics and treatments for a wide range of diseases.

However so far all Human phage libraries have depended on donors from North America and Europe where populations have only limited exposure to diseases. What we are working with is a purely India based Antibody Library.

With more diverse genetic pool than any other region and with exposures to infectious diseases and changes in environment never seen in Americas & Europe, Premas Antibody Library, captures a wealth of novel genetics and protective immune responses.

That’s demonstrated in the unique profiles of individual antibodies isolated from the libraries. The VH CDR3 regions have a wide range in lengths, that show unique characteristics in this critical in binding region.  And when compared with antibody databases, >99% of the sequences have shown to be unique making them easy to patent.

Together the characteristics result in high affinity and novel specificity antibodies. By tapping into this great wealth, we can find new and better ways to create medicines for cancers, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, immune disorders and more.

Corona Virus

D-Crypt for Covid 19

Premas specializes in developing recombinant proteins for vaccine development. Such proteins are often “difficult to express proteins” (DTE-Ps). Our innovative D-Crypt platform is optimized for highyield production of DTE-Ps, singularly, or in combination.

Through a partnership with Akers Biosciences, Premas is leveraging DCrypt to develop a multicomponent recombinant protein vaccine against COVID-19.

Contact Us to learn more about our COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate or about our vaccine development services.

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