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Specialized proteins

Specialised Proteins

Difficult to express and membrane associated proteins are exceptionally difficult to clone, express and purify. The dearth of the appropriate technology to enable the expression/purification of the products is amongst the primary reasons for the limited supply of these products. Another significant reason is the absence of a standardized process / equipment work flow that would enable a rapid plug-play development plan for these proteins.

Premas has developed two different process to target the expression of membrane proteins or membrane associated proteins or difficult to express proteins.

Yeast Strain, S cerevisiae along with more than 20 different vectors for the expression of membrane proteins. This proprietary technology has been highly successful in the expression and supply of membrane proteins either in active microsomal forms or as purified proteins.

Premas has invested the past 10 years in developing combinatorial processes involving the strain/vector and harmonization with instrumentation. E.g. Scale up in fermenters, along with concomitant downstream processing which involves accurate determination of the pressure of the homogenizer and simultaneous flow into a continuous ultracentrifuge to deliver high-quality, consistent batches of membrane proteins.

CHO/HEK platforms: The above steps have also been extended to mammalian systems and have been proven to be successful for a large number of difficult-to-express proteins.